Sales Success Across a Screen — My New Course

Erica Dhawan
3 min readFeb 7, 2023

Selling across the digital divide opens the door to drive revenue up and to the right like never before — no, I’m not kidding! I’ll show you how to embrace omnichannel communications while understanding your potential customer’s digital preferences. You’ll understand exactly how to create personal and emotional experiences over virtual channels that keep prospects coming back for more.

When you complete this course, you’ll know when you use real-time communication (phone, video, chat, etc.) vs. asynchronous communication (e-mail, text, social media, etc.) to maximize sales, regardless of distance. After every lesson you’ll close your laptop feeling motivated, aligned, and ready to tackle your next virtual sales call with communication that SELLS.

Dive into this course today to learn:

  • Importance of Digital Body Language: When communicating with buyers in a virtual environment, it’s important to continually experiment and become comfortable with new tools and approaches to sales in the digital world. In this module, you’ll learn the elements of how to win in business relationships using digital body language
  • The Impact of Digital Anxiety: Email replies that show up a week later. Video chats full of “oops sorry no you go” and “can you hear me?!” Ambiguous text-messages. Is it any wonder communication takes us so much time and effort to figure out? And how is related to the anxiety epidemic? In this module, we’ll discuss common sources of digital anxiety, how to deal with them, and how to avoid causing them yourself.
  • How to Value Customers Visibly: Remember how it felt when your boss or a customer looked you in the eye, gave you a firm handshake, and genuinely thanked you for your work? The cues we use to show our appreciation — a smile, a thank you note, a high five — are either invisible in our digital world or simply take too much time and effort to implement. In this module, you’ll learn how appreciation drives engagement and gain practical strategies to show customers and team members that they are respected, trusted, and valued.
  • Tips to Communicate Carefully with Customers: The problem with digital body language is that there is no guidebook — we each intuit different meanings to the same digital cues based on our…



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