My Establish Your Executive Presence Course is here!

Erica Dhawan
3 min readNov 1, 2022

The world has changed and so has the workplace. Suddenly, the majority of your company isn’t in the office most days and leading an organization looks vastly different. Don’t worry. I have you covered. I’ll show you how to establish your executive presence in the digital world. I’ll teach you how to create effective cross-silo communication rooted in trust, and you’ll learn how to cultivate authentic and inclusive team building.

Get ready to enhance accelerated collaborations in your sleep because you’ll be getting more of it once you take this course! Gone are the days of inefficient micromanagement and unintentionally inducing digital anxiety. The syllabus for this course is chalk-full of tangible take-aways that will help you drive culture change across your organization that keeps pace with the modern world.

My new course, Establish Your Executive Presence is here!

There’s nothing I love more than to share my research and expertise on how to communicate in the modern world. Here’s what you’ll need to learn to establish your executive presence:

  • The critical elements of a great hybrid work executive.
  • How to communicate effectively in hybrid work, decode digital signals that build or erode trust and how to unlock value from hybrid teams.
  • The foundational 10 Questions critical to define success on a hybrid team. Understand the key strategies to drive performance, be inclusive and mindfully communicate as a leader and across your team.
  • Move from team agreements to sustaining the value proposition of long term hybrid work. In a series of videos, learn how to sustain behavior change across 4 categories: team spirit, meeting culture, digital communication and collaboration tools.
  • Understand and apply the critical areas for all hybrid work leaders to consider, ranging from effective onboarding to culture building to cross silo collaboration, career opportunity growth and managing up. Experience worksheets and toolkits to support you on your journey to growth!
  • How to show executive presence online and foster a global culture of psychological safety, innovation, empathy and collaborative leadership.



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