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Erica Dhawan
2 min readAug 2, 2022

Remember when you first graduated college? That fresh feeling of uncertainty when it came to just about everything, especially how to communicate effectively in the workplace in-person and behind a screen.

Whether you’re a CEO looking to educate your new employee, just starting out in your career, or maybe you’re just trying to find success communicating in the modern world, this course covers it all. I’ve compiled everything you need to know to be a better listener, leader, and doer in the hybrid and remote workplace into bite-sized lessons that will leave you feeling motivated, aligned, and ready to take your career to the next level.

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I want you or your new employees to succeed in digital communication beyond the first zoom call! My course syllabus includes exclusives just for you:

What is Digital Body Language?

  • Introduction
  • Digital Power Plays & Anxiety (Why are you so stressed?)
  • The Online Disinhibition Effect (Why are we so rude online?)

Trust and Power Dynamics

  • Trust and Power on a Digital Playing Field Four Sources of Digital Anxiety
  • Choosing a Digital Medium

Punctuation and Your Digital Persona

  • Keeping up with the Emojis … and the Evolution of Punctuation Waiting and Wondering: Digital Ghosting & Slow Response Times Your Digital Persona, Your Life

Stand Out, No Matter Your Differences

  • Remote Leadership Using Phone and Video Calls Gender & Digital Body Language
  • Generations & Digital Body Language

Guidebook: Digital Body Language

  • Digital Body Language Style Guide Digital Styles Team Exercise
  • Getting to Trust Totally
  • Digital Body Language Colleague Quiz Watch Erica’s DBL Keynote

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