How to Take Your Career to the Next Level in a Hybrid Work Environment

Erica Dhawan
4 min readMar 7, 2023

It is crucial that the right steps are taken to ensure that as an employee you’re not only striving to perform at the next level, but doing so against the right set of expectations. In a hybrid work environment, it is even more important to communicate what your boss can expect from you and to avoid being held accountable the wrong things.

Here are a few things you should discuss in a career conversation with a boss or mentor:

  1. Set Baseline Expectations: Define expectations and outputs required in the role, both virtually and in-person. This not only affords you some flexibility in schedules, but serves as a benchmark for tracking success.
  2. Network, Find Mentors, and Seek Learning Opportunities: Whether you’re looking to improve your soft skills or your technical knowledge, it’s never a bad idea to look around you for guidance. Set up calls with your peers or leaders (particularly in other parts of the organization) to build relationships, learn more about your industry or other functions in your company, offer help to them and perhaps even get some advice on best practices that you can apply to yourself or your team. After all, as your career progresses, you will need to know more about your industry and other company functions. It’s also great to learn from others who set a great example.
  3. Identify Goals: Discuss the goals that you need or would like to achieve in your professional growth journey with your team lead or supervisor. It might also be helpful to set some goals that would be an indicator that you are ready for the next role and potential challenges such as virtual work bias in visibility. As well as setting goals, be thoughtful as to why you have those goals, and what you are aiming to achieve.

Here are some sample questions you can ask in a career conversation:

  • What “things” (e.g., skills, relationships, experience, opportunities) do I need to get to get to that role?
  • What are the gaps between my performance today and where I need to be?
  • What should my plan look like to fill those gaps? Where do I need help?

Use the right digital channel (i.e., video chat) and appropriate visuals (e.g…



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