Writing well and, above all, consciously is a critical mark of respect. Period. (And no, I’m not angry with you.)

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Spend less time wondering about the meaning behind that period or (lack of) exclamation marks.

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You assume they’re ignoring you, but there could be another explanation

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Avoid unnecessary back-and-forth by getting your reply right the first time

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Silence can make coworkers feel snubbed. Is there a better way to cope with email overload?

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A simple checklist to ensure that those group Zoom calls go without a hitch

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Multitasking on a call, setting a meeting with no agenda, and inviting the wrong people are great ways to waste everyone’s time

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Add “expert” to your resume today.

It’s time to acknowledge how our biases about people’s private spaces affect us all

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Your digital body language shows how inclusive you really are

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Erica Dhawan

Keynote Speaker on 21st Century Teamwork and Innovation. Author, GET BIG THINGS DONE and DIGITAL BODY LANGUAGE (ORDER HERE: http://bit.ly/3avbJkg)

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